Tiago Martins Pinto
Porto (PT), 1985

DA(PhD) candidate in Contemporary Art
MA in Contemporary Art Creation
BA in Multimedia

I’m an art-based researcher, a DYI person, and a human being.

I love the smell of the morning when it’s misty by the Atlantic ocean and the cosiness of a bonfire and a tent.

He holds a BA in Multimedia and a MA in Contemporary Art Creation from Portugal and he’s currently a doctoral student at Aalto University (Finland) where he lectures creative coding and researches about belongingness and identity in migrant communities. His artistic research work was shown in Europe and Northern America.

He moved to Finland in 2018, where he developed circular economy projects and STEAM education initiatives, such as Keru – Community Fridge and Mehackit.
Now, he’s a problem-solver at Swappie!

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, sailing and bike touring… Also, he likes to grow his own veggies in the backyard of his building.